Design changes when different laser selected in LB

When I design a project at my desktop, I have a fake Xtool D1 “connected” to generally match mine out in the garage.

When I open the file out in the garage and swap over top my Atomstack X40 Max, all sorts of things change. It’s not just a straight mirroring, but items within a design go haywire. This happens even if I “Lock” the design. It’s most troublesome when I’ve applied a path (like a circle) to text, as it won’t let me just mirror flip the text.

I’d appreciate a kick in the right direction to fix this, as I’m ready for production on a couple of items until I get out to the laser and open the file to burn it!

I’m wondering if I should create a fake Atomstack X40 and make sure I choose that when designing items for that laser.

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The machine profiles include a lot of settings - some of which are based on origin.

Would be idea that you used a “dummy” AtomStack on your design computer if you are going to run on it afterwards.

Correcting for wrong machine is possible but a extends the work flow in a way that shouldnt be necessary.

You can make them match exactly, which will eliminate a whole bunch of jank:

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Hrmph. I hadn’t thought about that idea, as this is the only goofball issue I’ve hit.

Everybody should be so lucky!

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