Design changes when file is shared

I have a Desktop and a laptop, both running the same version of Lightburn. When I send a file,(lightburn cut files) whether that’s over email, google drive, or usb thumb drive, the from one to the other, the design shifts around a little every time. Its usually just a small shift but I don’t think this is normal operation. What would cause light burn to adjust my designs for me?

Are you using ‘Open’ or ‘Import’ to bring in the project? (You should only use Open for project files)

Do both computers have the same fonts installed, and have the same Device Origin setting?

Open for projects. Same fonts. Turns out we needed to convert all text to path and it all locks in.

Which version of the software are you running? Text shapes flipping direction when opened with a different origin was something we fixed with a recent update, though I’d have to check exactly which one.

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