Design is not central to wood cut, its off by a good 2cm

is there a simple reason why the design in the middle of my cut is not central? in the lightburn program it is central but the laser cut is not.

Is it possible that there’s an outlying point that’s impossible to see on the workspace?
If I think I understand what you’re saying, the graphic is centered on the part but when it actually burns, it’s off to one side.

When something similar to this happens to me, I select the graphic and temporarily place it on another layer. If the previous layer disappears from the Cut Layer area, then you’ve proven that everything transfered.
If not, then there’s a small fragment of something remaining on that layer. You can then, in Select mode, drag a lasso around the workspace to have it pick up the anamoly which you simply delete.

Did you frame you work before started the burn?
Did you preview the output? By using the Play button’s slider, you can see where the head will be moving. Also, turning on the “Show TraversalMoves” can show you where some anamolies are.
Hope that helps.

I just made a test and learned something important. Drew a box in the workspace and a circle well out of the workspace. When I did a CTRL-A, the markers included the circle. Then i did a preview and only the box appeared. Apparently, Preview only shows what is within the machine workspace, which is the Working Size in the Device Settings window.

Takeaway Do not depend on the Preview window to show outliers. If the CTRL-A markers go beyond the workspace, you have an outlier.

I am currently away from home, so I cannot test how Frame handles this situation.

I believe if you uncheck the ‘ignore-out-of-bounds shapes’ slider in the settings menu, the preview will show everything selected.

Yup! That is correct, never messed with that button. thanks!

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