Design not aligned correctly

I have red 100W CO2 Chinese laser and use lightburn software. I worked with the tech support on the laser and find that it is not the laser that has the problem. When I save the design in lightbrn format and send it to the laser it does not engrave lines as the pattern shows but when I used the Save RD file and clicked on Run RD file it does a beautiful job and everything is lined up. I am wondering if I have something set incorrectly in my lightburn software? I also saved the design as a dxf format and sent it to my Jamieson lg640 CO2 laser 60W and it worked perfectly.

The attached image 1 shows it perfect in RD file the second image shows the mess in the lettering and cutting using lightburn.

I think @LightBurn may need to assist here.

This is odd… I don’t know where to point you or where to look.

If possible they would probably want all the files you are using including the .lbrn2 file.

You can drop them on the reply window or use the download-icon-lightburn icon in the tool bar.

Good luck


are the letters single line or filled?

some fill settings generate many rapid motions which can cause problems if speeds are selected incorrectly.

this may be worth review.

Feel free to upload your LBRN file if you’re willing and able.

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