Design onthe Lightburn version 1.1.04, erratic along the X axis during cutting

I have a BODOR CO2 50 watts Laser cutter / engraver, with the RUIDA controller, bought this machine in August 2018. A few days ago, 02 June 2022, while cutting a pattern designed on the LB 1.1.04 software, the laser suddenly started becoming erratic in the X axis and made strange vibrations, However the stepper motor was checked and was fine, the same file was restored in the RuiDa controller, and durimg the cutting it became erratic at the same point in the file, during the run, many X axis designs went smooth, the Y axis was all fine, however after numerous runs, suddenly the design was cut perfectly in both axis. I wasted numerous Acrylic sheets, once again it misbehaved at exactly the same place where it had been doing, strange vibrations and after a few seconds it continued cutting but along a different X axis. The X, Y and Z cards were all green and no errors. The belt moving the laser along the X axis is fine, not slack, not even off the roller, all alignment fine I believe that there is a glitch in the software of the latest vesion of the LB 1.1.04 thats not sending the correct parameters to the controllers and the stepper motor. Please advice the possible soloution.

Vibrations sound more a mechanical issue than software, did you check the drive teeth for ware or foreign bodies? Also did you check the belt and teeth on the stepper motor? (I have two belts and four teethed drives on my X axis.

It’s always a good idea with these types of failures to check anything that moves… double that if there are wires, such as in the drag chains.

In this case I would tend to look to an area that seems most likely for that to occur.

Y’s drag chain carries power to the x motor, at least in most machines.

Suggest you investigate an issue of an intermittent type of connection occurring in y’s drag chain. It’s giving you a good hint what physical area the failure occurs. I’d just ohm out the lines to the motor while moving the head in a circular area (moving both axes) near the failure… at least for a start.

Good luck


A photograph of the work produced by the erratic behaviour may be informative.

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