Design or preview licence only?

I tried to search this question, but nothing came up - unless I was just not searching correctly…

I currently have a customer that is supplying artwork via PDF that he’s made in corel draw. I drag these PDF into corel draw, then export into lightburn. There is a reason for this, as I import into Corel with the font intact, whereas if I import into lightburn straight from PDF, it drops the text. I then have to manipulate the images to suit…

Anyway - enough rambling - is there a form of lightburn that is for design only? Even if it’s a crippled version that that just views an import and doesn’t allow connection to a laser? Saving would be ideal, but not required. I’d like for him to be able to quickly view what it will look like when I work with the file, which then will allow him fix his designs before I get them. He will need something ongoing, not a demo, as it looks like I’ll be doing a fair bit of work for him as time goes on

I don’t want to share my licence with him, for obvious reasons, and I don’t want to spend the time teaching him Corel Draw, as our arrangement was on the assumption that he’s an advanced corel draw user… He’s not. LOL The files that he sends have a lot of nodes, and crashes my lightburn frequently. :frowning: (Oz is aware)…

Any suggestions welcomed. :smiley:

LightBurn does not offer a version that will do what you describe. If this individual is going to be “using” LightBurn, as you say, to “…allow him fix his designs before I get them.”, it is only fair that they pay for this usage.

If you want to share the ‘Preview’ of any LightBurn job, we provide a way to ‘Save Image’ directly from that window. Is this an option that would work for your needs?

If he’s just looking to set up designs, the $40 version would work fine for that. He’d have to set up a ‘fake’ device (just pick GRBL) and then he could import files, adjust accordingly, save, and send you files that you could then apply cut settings to for running on the laser.

That’s what I thought might need to happen, I just wasn’t sure if you had various versions for various reasons. I’d rather have as little interaction with the files as possible, and this might be the best way to go. He’s only paying me to engrave and cut, but I’m spending way too much time manipulating the files before sending to the laser. :confused:

Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

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