Desktop/portable Lasercutter running LB

I’m helping an emergent Childrens museum which are planning a maker lab including laser cutters.

They are planning a BOSS 3655 and also want 2 mobile units. Currently talking about a — ugh — Glowforge :pensive:

I’d like to recommend something using Lightburn that would be a better option and use the same software and is stable, price is less important than quality/stability.


CO2, Diode, what type of laser and what are you planning to use these units for, type of work you’d like to accomplish with these lasers. What does “mobile” mean to you? Laser on wheels, hand-cart, lift and move with just your arms? A bit more on the requirements can help folks narrow the recommendations to better fit your interest.

Something as close to the functionality as the glowforge preferably better. Mobile will be taken to schools/camps, so cart or carried but it’s possible they’ll keep it semi-fixed inside a trailer as a mobile lab. CO2 over diode probably, but open to be convinced otherwise.

Ideally, staff will be trained on the Boss and something that is as similar as possible (if you can use one, you can use the others).