Determine the exact relative location of the start point?

How do I determine the exact location of the start point on the surface of the work area? Can the laser be turned on at a very low power level? I wish to be able to place an existing piece on the work surface and position it precisely for the next cut or engrave outline.

Prior to purchasing a LightBurn camera, I secured plywood to the bed with screws (CO2 laser) and performed a cut in the home corner and along the adjacent sides.

This provided a more-or-less zero reference for any work piece placed on the bed. Of course, it was incorrect of me to believe this, as I neglected to consider kerf thickness. I should have performed the cut with an offset of about 0.15 mm to ensure a true zero.

If you create what amounts to a sacrificial board, you won’t have a physical stop for your precision requirements. The eyeball can be reasonably accurate, but not consistently so.

Making a jig that is attached securely is a good way to ensure consistency for your work.

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