Device detection question


I am using Lightburn since one month, enjoy it a lot and just bought the licence.
I have so far found only one annoying point: if my laser engraver is connected to my computer when LB is launched, it is detected immediately. But if I turn off the laser while LB is running, and then turn it on again, it is not detected. And I didn’t find any way to trigger again the device detection again, apart from quitting LB and launching it again.
Is there a solution to this little but annoying issue?


The easiest way to refresh the connection is to right click on the devices button in the laser window

“Find my laser” won’t find a device once it’s already found. Right-click on the ‘Devices’ button will reattempt the initial connection.

Thanks for your replies, the right click on the “Devices” button works. Not very intuitive, but one you know it, it’s OK.

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