Device Selection Help

New to lightburn
Recently bought this laser on amazon
When I run find my laser, no results are returned
When I click create manually I have no idea what to select
Any tips or advise would be appreciated

That link gives no indication of what kind of firmware is used by the machine itself. It would need to be GRBL, Smoothieware, or something else supported by LightBurn for it to work. Based on what I see in the listing (like offline / wifi use) I’m betting they’ve made something custom, which means you’re stuck with their software.

Do you what type of controller it has, gbrl for example?

try the controller option gbrl 1.1e which. There are only two gbrl options.

Also make sure you have com port correct otherwise it won’t see it anyway.

Thanks, will give it a try.

New & my first laser so hopefully I haven’t wasted my money :frowning:

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