Did it by the numbers but the laser is not filling power scale squares when started

So I followed the LightBurn Tutorial: Power Scale instructions exactly but when I start it, the laser turns on but the squares don’t fill at all. In addition, the words and square outlines do not engrave! I’m brand new to this, and usually am pretty competent but I’m stumped. spent all day staring at squares. Am I supposed to fill the squares with black? He doesn’t in the tutorial! Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

You’re using a diode laser, and the video is done with a CO2 laser (much more powerful / much faster) - what speed and power settings are you using?

Thanks for responding. I had it set up for power percentages 10-90% and started at 3000 mm/s down to 500mm/s. Should I power it to 300 mm/s down to 50 mm/s?

Are you sure it’s 3000 mm/sec? Not 3000 mm/min? Those are very different speeds. :slight_smile:

yes for sure it is 3000 mm/s. May 3000 mm/m be a better option?

3000mm/s that laser head would be flying back and forth … FLYING!

:joy: oops yeah

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