Diferent size shapes output vs design (not all just some shapes)

hello please note the two images one is my design and the otehrone is the simulation
there are diferences

please help

check the incorrect shapes for non-closed portions. If this doesn’t resolve the problem, consider to post the file for better inspection

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error file.lbrn2 (342.6 KB)
attached the file, weird thing if i select just one of the shapes it does ok if i sellect all some go ok some other shape

The first photo is the preview, the second is the edit screen. There’s a tremendous difference between the two.

I then exported your image and opened it in Inkscape. Running Inkscape in Outline mode removed the effect of color and stroke width, which when turned on, did distort the appearance slightly.

Selecting all, I set the color to black, the stroke width to 0.01 mm and saved it as an SVG.

Importing that into LB gives a substantial difference between your image and “mine.”

This is not apparent in the edit screen, but on the preview screen:

you can see the side by side distortion of the edge triangles and of the internal parallelograms.

I suspect that you didn’t create this file within LightBurn and that may be some of the trouble, but that’s beyond my limited ability to determine.

error file2.lbrn2 (660.1 KB)

This attached LB file contains your original and my edit, for your viewing convenience.

Oh, yeah, my original comment about open shapes is completely irrelevant. I think nearly every shape is open and I hope you don’t ever have to use fill on this one!

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thanks a lot for your time, i will look into the linecaps and line whidths in corel draw

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