Difference is there when choosing Gerbil device or grbl device

Hello friends.

I have a laser device With the Minigerbil board and it turns out that I had used it in a K40 and I was doing fine with Lightburn, the fact is that I have changed the structure and when configuring the board as Gerbil in lightburn this gives me open door failures or failures In GCODES, however, if I configure the device as grbl 1.1 or earling, these errors disappear and I am using it in this way to avoid errors.

Simply the doubt is, what difference is there when choosing Gerbil device or grbl device ?, is not the same?

The Gerbil device uses a different communication chip, and has a different version of GRBL compiled for it. The target serial receive buffer size is larger when using the Gerbil driver in LightBurn, and it uses a higher baud rate.

Thanks for the answer, it works perfectly with the grbl mode, however with the minigerbil it gives me open door errors, error 1, error 2 etc and makes it stop …

Do you get “error 2” or “alarm 2”? They’re different, so it’s worth double checking.

Error, the messages are of errors but it is a problem of something from the source or the board itself because it only works by activating the 5v from the USB and not from the power supply, to see if on the official page they help you solve the problem .

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