DIFFERENCE! When I save on one pc, it's different on another

Example, I am building an image with 3000 speed and 50% power. I save on a common disk, I go to the working pc, the parameters are totally different like for example: 29000 instead of 3000 !!! I just put the latest version 1.0.05 it’s the same problem. merci de m’aider je parle FRANçAIS

Thanks for the post. We need a bit more detail to offer assistance. When sharing speeds, you need to include the units as well. 3000 what, MM per sec, MM per min, MPH? Also share how you have both of the PCs LightBurn configured. Are you using the same profile on each machine? Help us to “see” what you are working with, and we can go from there. :slight_smile:

hi, thanks,
it’s in mm/sec on the 2 pc
The version is the last 1.0.05
i export the laser table configuration from pc works to pc creat and if i creat a file & save its different parametre after open with pc work with laser

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