Differences Cloudray laserhead

Can anyone tell me what the difference is between a cloudray C and cloudray E type laserhead?

I can’t figure out the difference between the two besides some minor things like how the tube is screwed tight and the belt is attached.

Diameter. The C series is 1mm smaller than the E series. additionally, there is an old and new type to both. The old uses the PITA V adjustment screw arrangement. The new one uses the L arrangement.

Hey Dave,
Thanks for answering.

Adjustment screws: check!
What difference does the 1 mm make? It is so that one is forced to only use the proper mirrors alongside the laserhead or something like that?

As far as I know, the outer diameter is the only difference. If I had to guess, it’s compatibility with different manufacturers factory set ups.

BTW, don’t get in a big hurry to order either of them right now if you want to use the 4" lens position. When they did the redesign to take the knurled ring away, somebody wasn’t paying attention to their math and added 10mm to the over all length. With the 90mm long tube it puts the focal point of the 4" INSIDE the nozzle by several mm. It should have been 80mm long instead of 90mm.

I got one of the new ones as soon as they were available, and thought I was crazy for the problems I was having with the 4" until I sat back and did the math. With the 90mm tube, you use the regular NO3 nozzle, but have to use the short NO1 to make it work. Once they get them down to 80mm, then everything should work with the NO3. I’m using my 4" lens in the 2.5" position and a short screw on extension tube, but it’s not pretty.

Hey Dave,

Thanks for answering again.
The reason why I want to order today is that everything at cloudray is at a HUGE discount 11.11 stuff.

There is another difference… the 1st mirror mount. The one on the C series can be set lower then the one of E series.
So I guess I go with the C series.

Thanks for the heads up I need a short screw on extension tube as well now :wink:

Yeah, the new style also has the L arrangement for the mirror adjustment screws, the old style is still the V arrangement.

If you are ordering, you can use the ‘normal’ 4" position if you also get an N01 nozzle. It’s shorter than the NO3 and will put th focal point outside the nozzle negating the need for mounting in the 2.5" position and using an extension.

Will check out the sale, thanks for the heads up!

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