Different behavior in lightburn, LaserGRBL, & UGS

I have a freshly setup MKS DLC32 v2.1. I have it set-up on my atomstack A5Pro+.
While getting it all setup I noticed something quite strange. In laserburn the unit didn’t want to home, kind of like the steppers needed more umph (they are set at 1.2v as my calc show 42bygh34 and A4988) when i tried in LaserGRBL the unit wanted to do the same thing but at different points. In UGS then it went to home no problem and moved with normal fluidity. All that changed on these 3 is I stopped the connection and started in the next program.

I also have the offline touchscreen and when i turned off and turned that on no problem then it moved with no issue.

What am I missing, I thought these programs just used the settings through GRBL and that was it or is there more to it that I am unaware of?

Are you certain you’re comparing homing behavior between the three programs?

As you alluded to, homing is handled entirely by the controller itself. The calling program should have no bearing on what happens during homing. The only involvement is in making the initial call to home. This is why I’m asking if you’re certain you’re comparing the same homing across programs.

You can confirm this by running $H in the Console for each application.

Also, plesae confirm the specific firmware that you’re running.

It’s is the same firmware for all 3 and i hit the home button in all 3 and went back and physically set it the same place in the frame and tried it.

I was asking which specific firmware you were running on the controller. What’s the source of the firmware and which version are you running?

Are you certain that $H is being issued when hitting the home button in each software? Try manually issuing $H from each and confirm that you get the same behavior.

Can you elaborate on this? Not following exactly what you’re doing with this.

You cannot have the touchscreen operating at the same time as controlling the laser with the PC using the USB cable. The docs for the remote controller should tell you this.

I don’t I was just pointing out that it was acting different even with the offline controller.

firmware for all 3 for the DLC32 is: V2.0.8_H24_20211223_N.bin

yes all 3 are using $H for home

And i was physically starting the unit manually set to the center of the extent for the x (at approximately 200MM) and the y at (approximately 200MM).

Then the Home operation should behave exactly the same. Home is entirely within the controller. You are not confusing HOME with ORIGIN are you?

no i am not.

This is very odd indeed.

Are you able to take a video showing how you are initiating homing for each program and the resulting motion at the laser? Perhaps there’s something I’m missing at the moment.

Something similar happened to me but with the direction of the axes. In one software it worked well, in another it worked in the opposite direction and on the display it works with one of the axes in the opposite direction.

What I’ve managed to find out so far is that it has to do with a “binary value” (sorry if the term is wrong but I’m still not very fluent in this) that is introduced to define how the axes act depending on the command they receive.
It could also have to do with the firmware.
That firmware is for the 2.4" display, which is already considered osolete, although the firmware is “recent” 2021. But it may have a “defect”.
From what I’ve noticed, the firmware that comes out improves in one aspect but often gets worse in another. The good thing about this is that you can change the firmware (as long as you respect the display, “H24” in the file name), as many times as necessary.
Consult or search Github for similar issues. I also found some help there to solve problems with my board.

yeah I am finding the same thing with the firmware. I found that 1 version needs limit-switch values set inverse and another the controls inversed… real pain to get setup and keep track of. I did do a very nice glass etching with it running through lightburn last night so that was nice. now I need to figure out where to put an on and off switch in the display circuit to allow computer connection without unplugging the display

Sounds like you have got it operating with Lightburn. I would call that a success.

Does your remote pendant display not have an On-Off switch? The one I bought, for my CNC mill, has one, so no need to unplug it.

no power switch, wondering if I can switch the 5v on EXP1 pin 1 to kill it or if I have to kill the 3v3 on pin 1 of exp2 or do both

That is the controller board. I am talking about a power switch on the remote pendant. My pendant has a 10-wire ribbon and 10-pin (5x2) connectors on each end. Are we talking about the same thing?

yes, that drawing on the right hand side shows the pinout to the 2 ribbon cables. there is no power switch between them to the touchscreen or on the touch screen.

I get it now. This is not a remote pendant. It is a display panel integral to the machine.

The ribbon wire going to the circled pin is the one you want to cut and add a switch. It will turn off the display.

DLC-32 Remote

Unfortunately, this is not a fix. It is only a band-aid to your problem. That panel being powered up should not interfere with the PC talking with the laser. UNLESS you are trying to use both at the same time, like touching the panel while Lightburn is streaming a program.

yeah that is what i figured out on both being hooked up at the same time. and yes the 5v can be cut but the touch features are still on with that wire cut. I just finished testing it all about an hr. ago. And I misspoke in my description about pendant and such. That’s why I included the pinout.

I did find that you can alternate back and forth between controls as long as no “streaming” of process is occurring. So I don’t really need a switch in between.

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You could always laser cut a lid. :smiley:

I’m all ready designing a case/cover setup where the display pivots up and i think i’ll 3d print it not sure if I have enough resin to sla it but I have plenty of roles of PLA LOL