Different cutting offsets for lasers


meanwhile we use some lasers, whereby these need partly different settings regarding speed and laser power. So far I could not find a way to enter different offsets for each laser for these parameters. So we have to adjust the parameters for each laser manually. As source we use .pdf and .ai files, which are generated automatically. My current solution would be a project file for each laser. But I have the feeling that the colors for the settings are not project dependent?

Does Lightburn already offer the possibility to enter offsets for the lasers and I just haven’t found them yet? If not, this would be a very cool addition. I can’t imagine that we are alone with this problem.

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I have no idea what sort of offset you are talking about. You can create libraries of settings, and apply those to your cuts. You can also create a palette template, with all the colors set to power & speed values appropriate for a given laser machine, and load that palette before you import artwork. That would basically be your project file for each laser.

I am talking about energy and speed offsets for each laser. Laser A, for example, always needs 10% less power, i.e. an offset of -10% on all power specifications. But the pallet templates sound very interesting! It seems that I have not discovered them yet. I will have a look at it today.

EDIT: I took another look at the cut pallet. I know the function itself and we already use it. However, the settings are not project related. For our number of lasers and cutting parameters there are too few colors if they are only available program-wide. But the library looks very good! I don’t know why we haven’t already set it up.

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