Different results when using same settings from EZCad 2 to Lightburn Galvo

Hello, I am experiencing problems when engraving small objects with Lightburn. I tried to replicate my settings from EzCad to Lightburn 1:1. Usually I do 45 Degree Engrave pass, then 45 Degree Clean pass(low power, high frequency and speed) and on every single pass the hatch rotates with 90 Degrees. In EzCad I use Mark Contour + Follow Edge once, which i cannot replicate in Lightburn because layers are getting too many. Function in Lightburn “Angle Increment” doesnt work with Repeat Passes but only Pass Count (which does for example 2x Engrave one after another, but I need it to make Engrave 45 Degrees > Clean 45Degrees then 135 Degrees > Clean 135Degrees and so on +90 Degrees, so it engraves from all 4 directions.) When I use EzCad2 with my settings for that type of engraving I don’t have any problems. It would be really nice for Angle Increment to also work with Repeat of passes.
And these are my settings - Ezcad and Lightburn


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