Different shape size comparing LB and AI

I have weird problem and just realized after I cut that file.
I have AI file in mm and I open it and copy the shape and paste it to LB and compare to I open thst same file in LB.
Very weird since shape that I copy from AI has smaller size comparing to if I open that file directly from LB.
If I open that file in LB and AI, it has exactly same size, only when I copy and paste it to LB then it change to smaller.
Is that any explanation why this happen? It should be the same size, right?

Yes this has to do with how lightburn handles AI or Inkscape vector graphics.

goto settings under SVG import settings:

(alternatively you can set the size to 75% - going from 96 to 72 or 133% going rom 72 to 96)

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thanks for the info.
I checked and the setting still in 96 DPI. Changed it to 72 DPI, re paste it and now it has the same size. Cool!

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