Different software? Missing features

I am new to the laser world. I’ve been working on my laser for the past 2 weeks… a little progress. I’ve been watching different tutorials and of course everyone does not have the same settings for filling cutting etc…

One thing I have noticed is that my software seems a little different from everyone else’s that I have seen so far which makes things a little difficult and confusing. I

I dont see where to change the green cursor for mines stay in the lower left corner(not sure is that part of the new software or old)

2nd. I need help with lightburn scanning the correct shapes of my project and hw to get the correct multiple job done at once. If some one can help me with thise that would be great. I have attached what I normally see in lightburn.

So do my software nees to be upgraded? It says I have the latest.

Turn off ‘Beginner Mode’ in the settings. The point of that setting is to simplify the interface so there’s less things you can get wrong while you’re learning, but it means the interface looks quite different from the tutorials.

LightBurn’s interface is also very self-adjusting based on what features are supported by your hardware, so seeing things in video that you don’t have, or vice versa, is pretty common, though the differences are usually not huge.

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