Different Step Reference between Move and Print?

Trying to migrate from laser grbl to lightburn on an Atomstack A5 for it graphical features but I’m not understanding the why this is happening. When I start lightburn I can use the move dialog box with any coordinates and it is close to where I want it to go in both the x and y axis. When I draw a 10mm x 10mm box and hit print the X axis is fine, but the Y axis runs out about 300mm. I can calibrate it to do the 10x10 box, but then the Y axis runs very slow, so when I increase to a 300x300 box the Y axis is considerably slower than the X axis, and my burns are not consistent and take much longer than in Laser GRBL. While trying to cut out some 3mm balsa the x axis was doing fine, but because the Y axis was so slow it started a fire. My question is why does the Move dialog box seem to work just fine, but the print is so messed up on the y axis, shouldn’t they both be referencing the same steps? Thanks for any help.

Do you have rotary mode enabled? (Tools > Rotary Setup)

Incredibly that seems to have fixed it…have to get a new air assist since mine melted, but can’t wait to try it out and see if this will take care of it. Thanks

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