Different wattage blue laser engraving and carving

I have Engraver Master (2 Axis ) software and did not find versatile. I want to use 2500mw, 3500mw, 5500mw, 15000mw and 20000mw laser. Do I have to use the project on lightburn and export onto E Master software and change the control board with different controller board Or I need not to. Can I remove Engraver Master and use Lightburn directly. Please advise. What kind of controler board would someone suggest to work for all above mentioned laser modules. Thanks.

why not just purchase the highest powered laser(20,000mW) and adjust the power setting in software to get the lower powered output? Worst case if the laser output power is not adjustable then you should search for another laser diode vendor and use that laser which has PWM control. But if you are doing etching, there is always dithering and adjusting effect by changing speed. ie low speed for higher burning and high speed for lower/light burning.

I do have 20W but do I have to buy controller board for different laser power?

It depends entirely on what the controller board in the machine is, and what firmware it runs. If it is using GRBL firmware, it should already be controllable with LightBurn.

Yes Sir, GRBL compatible but some any different types and wire colour coding with extra controller with 2 pin two terminal but the controller board has three pin power connector. I must admit that I am novice and have spent too much on buying the lasers and controller board, some of them keep blinking and some of them hardly move. The X and Y axis does move but once the power is on. it start blinking. I change the wires other way round, no luck mate. The Bachin support team hardly understand English and the only thing they say is buy new controller board and laser which cost more than the machine when I bought in the month of December…

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