Difficulties withMonport k40 with LB

Help! I will pay to have a telephone or whatever session with a member here for your knowledge to help! Heres my issue.

Brand new K40 monport with lightburn. When I installed via find my laser, OR using a file from Louisiana hobby guy, either way it homes to bottom left and grinds creating an error. If I reverse Y in machine settings it will home top left normally.

If I let it bottom out to the left front with error, it will run a file on the laser. If I reverse the Y to let it home top left it says out of bounds. See settings:

Follow these steps and report back what you find:

  1. Disable homing $22=0
  2. Turn off laser
  3. Move laser head to middle of bed
  4. Turn on laser
  5. Using jogging controls in Move window test all directions. Does up move head up, down down, left left, and righ right? If not, indicate which directions don’t work correctly and in which direction
  6. With the current settings that are in your screenshot to which corner does the machine attempt to home?

Ok up and down are reversed. Left and right work perfect. It wont home because $22=0 but if I turn it on, it homes correctly to back left.

Will need to invert Y axis then.

Please run in Console:

This will likely invert homing direction as well. In that case we’ll need to invert Y for homing.

Run in console:

Once you make these changes, confirm that jogging controls work correctly. If they do then issue in Console:


This will enable homing, then home, then should return status for current position. Current position should be around 0,0.

Please confirm and test that things are working as you’d expect.

Made the changes, jogs correctly but when I home it goes bottom left and starts grinding away again.

(I just entered into command window what you put hope thats how?) $$ below for you to see.

That’s odd. Let’s revert the homing direction then.


Assuming that works correctly can you return the output?

Works like a CHARM! I hope this fixes it, I cant tell you how happy you have made me.

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