Diode fires when shutting down Lightburn

Hi, this is my first but, most certainly, will not be my last post.
I am unfamiliar with Lightburn and I am still in the process of setting it up on a DIY 65*50, 5.5W diode. I have, previously run it with T2 laser and a stock Nano board. However, I have just replaced the board with an Eleksmaker Mana SE, V3.2 so I am not used to that either.
My query is that if I shut down Lightburn without pressing the ON/OFF button, on the board, to OFF, as the software is shutting down I get a single, powerful flash from the laser!
Does anyone have any experience of this and, if so, what is the solution?

I’ve seen this before with Arduino based controllers, and I think it’s because when the chip is powering down, pins become “floating” and the laser may think of this as a signal to fire.

Read here: https://benboxlaser.us/index.php?topic=2942.0

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