Diode laser fires when moving to a saved position or using move arrows

I have a homebuilt corexy machine with an SKR1,4 board with smoothieware. I have an NEJE 30w diode laser. All of the functions work as intended except for the saved positions and moving using arrow buttons. I have three saved positions defined and whenever I move using one of the saved positions the laser fires. When the laser fires, the NEJE controller reads 54%. The laser does NOT fire when using the Home button.
Can this be a Lightburn setting or something in Smoothieware.
Thanks for your assistance.

Don’t really know much about these but can you confirm that you setup the device in LIghtBurn as a Smoothieware device?

I would expect basic functions like move to work correctly from LightBurn but I don’t think Smoothieware has been as well exercised in LightBurn as some of the other controllers, especially given that Smoothieware is so configurable. I’m sure there’s something you could do on the Smoothieware side to change this behavior. Don’t know if that’s the “correct” place.