Diode machine 100% compatible with lightburn

I’m looking for a diode machine laser I can controle with lightburn like co2. It’s possible10w or 15w? Maybe a machine I can add camera too… it will be perfect around 500mm x 500mm. Does it exist? I already have a cr10 s5 with little laser on it but I have no time to do some modification on it to upgrade the firmware or to add some composant to upgrade the laser.

I want a lasser cutter machine ready to use with lightburn 100% compatible no update to do… Ready to use out of the box? Other choice than Emblaser 2?



Here are the diode options I am aware of:

  • Emblaser 2
  • Buying a diode module like a Jtech and putting it on an existing CNC or 3D Printer.
  • Buying a diode machine like the EleksMaker:

In many cases, the Eleks machine will have a version of the GRBL firmware that can work with LightBurn directly, but you will have better performance and more safety by updating it to the latest version of GRBL. This is fairly straightforward, I highly recommend doing it, and it’s a skill that will be good to have.

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The elekslaser a3 pro (it’s the biggest one on eleksmaker? It look like good and not to much expensive. To a starting point I think it will be a good choice. Do you know if we can add a lightburn camara on that produc? for the firmware do you have a video on like step by step to explan the update?

You won’t find one that has a genuine 10 or 15 watt laser. They usually give out about 5 to 7 watts. They are all over rated to boost sales, and joe public probably won’t go and buy a laser power meter to test them, he just accepts it. Do some research and ask the companies for the actual optical power output before buying. The Neje 20 watt actually produces 5.5 watts optical power. But it uses about 20 watt’s of power.

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Emblaser 2 works great with Lightburn and has a camera and theynhave customised The program to have emblaser specific options. It wasnt cheap and much much slower than CO2 lasers but great for low volume jobs. Great for home and quiet small enough to carry out to the balcony to run stinky jobs out there.

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