Direction change

I have a 15-watt diode laser. I am cutting foam and that part works great. I would also like to “carve” a pattern into the face of the same foam. I have the laser set to 10% which is great for when the laser is moving but when it changes direction it burns little holes. For example, if I am making a bunch of hexagons across the face of the foam, the lines look perfect at 10% but I end up with six holes for each hex - one at each corner.

Do you have a way to stop this from happening? Do you have a video? (your videos are great by the way. A fantastic way to learn)

Thank you.

You haven’t said what firmware you are running, so this might not apply - if you are running GRBL firmware 1.1f or higher, you can use ‘Laser Mode’ to eliminate those dots, as it will reduce the power as it slows to take sharp corners. Smoothieware firmware does this automatically. Older versions of GRBL do not support this, and neither does Marlin firmware.

If you are using GRBL, read here:

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