Dis engaging steppers when laser idle

Just wanted to know if LightBurn can dis-able steppers when in “idle” situation…I know T2 has this “switch”
My new Mana SE ver 3.2 does this but my Mana SE ver 3.1 doesn;t

There are 2 ways I can answer this:

  1. “Is there a command to disable the motors?”

It depends on exactly what firmware you are running, recent version of GRBL have $SLP which will turn off the motors but effectively make the controller sleep until you reset it. This is not what I want usually as I want the controller to remain responsive.

See: https://github.com/gnea/grbl/wiki/Grbl-v1.1-Commands#slp---enable-sleep-mode

  1. "Is there a way for GRBL to disable the motors when idle by itself (regardless of control program) after a certain amount of time?

See: https://github.com/gnea/grbl/wiki/Grbl-v1.1-Configuration#1---step-idle-delay-milliseconds

I should note that I always want to have my motors energized so that I don’t lose position - I want to home once and always maintain position awareness afterwards. But these machines don’t come with limit switches even, so I guess that invalidates my point.

Thanks…the weird thing is that
my new contoller Mana SE ver 3.1 dis-engages motors at idle…
.whereas the ver 3.1 engages power at all times…
the nano boards have exactly the same settings…
.I thought the control board was just used for interfacing nano to steppers and power regulation…

What firmware are they running, exactly?

What do the $1 settings say for each?

Typo above…The NEW Mana SE controller is ver3.2…the steppers are dis-engaged at idle
The older Controller Ver 3.1…the steppers are engaged all the time

grbl1.1e for both controllers
$1=25 (milliseconds) for both boards
both boards have identical settings from $0 to $132

switched the nano boards and same thing for ver 3.2 ??..must be something in control board itself But I thought it was just interface and power regulator

Ok. LightBurn has nothing to do with this. If you update to known (official) GRBL 1.1 latest it should work the same, by ruling out any weirdness with whatever firmware they may have come with.

You should always have settings backed up before you flash firmware.

But what;s weird both boards where updated witin 15 minutes of each other with same firmware GRBL 1.1e
And If I switch out nanao boards still the same
not a showstopper but just curious as to why

You and me both. I have stopped being surprised by the peculiarities of what comes out of China at this point.

Can you show clear pics of both boards?

sure …but may be a few days …switched internet providers…old one ends today…new one was supposed to come this morning but screwed up with my address…will take them 3 days to resolve and then another 3 days to initiate hook up

Only lets me download one photo at time

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