Disabled layers affecting start point.... Feature Request

Ref. Ver 1.6.00
When a project is open there are times when you may want/need to burn a separate object, off to the side, and even though the “main” object’s layer is turned off, the starting point is not specific to the “side object” and anything on the work grid affects the start point. Example - A box and a circle is on the work grid and each is on a different layer. I want to burn just the circle on the right, starting in the circle center, but, the box on the left - with layer off - makes my center start point somewhere in between the two objects. Would like to see the option that when an object’s layer is turned off, the start point will be referenced ONLY to the other object - active layer… (IF there is a way to accomplish this, I am not aware and will appreciate any replies to my suggestion)… Thanks, Hank

Have you tried having both of these checked? It might be different for your machine but works for me if I understand your question.


I just checked and with your suggestion AND deselecting the “other” layer to not burn the start point for “center” is still approx in the middle. I have saved two files with the “other” object to burn, but, would be nice to have the burn start point referenced only to the object on the ACTIVE layer…

Ungroup the two, or more, objects. Then you can select whatever you want to burn. Confirm your choice using the Preview window.

Granted, turning off the layer “output” will only burn the “on” output layer, BUT, the starting point will still be influenced by any other objects on the grid.

Here is a design where the entire layer is grouped together. The start point is upper left. Note the green square.

With the black layer ungrouped and just one of the circles selected plus the two check boxes checked. The start point is the upper left of the circle. Also noted by the green square.

Is this not what you’re after?

GOT IT… Thanks Jeff. I had to also select “Use Selected Origin”, select the object, then ready to burn… I have much more to learn/figure out as a two month user I have a ways to go… Thanks again… Hank