Disconnecting if i reposition the laser

I have a Orion 60w laser with ruidia controller 644XG.

I run a job and then move the laser to a new position to access fresh material and the laser disconnects. If I don’t move the laser it usually allows me to run another job, but sometimes it also disconnects. I have to shut off the laser and restart it for it to work again. sometimes I have to reboot my computer for it to start again. When it restarts it doesn’t return to the position I set it last it returns to the position that it was at before i moved it.

What kind of computer / OS, and how are you connected to the laser? Are you hitting the ‘Reset’ button on the laser at all, or just jogging with the arrow keys? (I do this all the time and have never had an issue, so that’s very odd)

Windows 10 Lenovo Yoga computer.

I have rarely used the reset button. I have used the escape button to clear the screen and various times. I have never had this problem until a month or so ago. Never had any issues, it just started disconnecting a month or so ago


You can easily reconnect by right-clicking the ‘Devices’ button, but it shouldn’t be necessary. If you press the reset, that does drop the connection, but otherwise it won’t. If you left the machine paused, that would do it, but the arrow keys are fine. I’ve completely changed how connections are managed, and we’re hoping to include this in the next release, which should help this and a bunch of other issues (particularly for those running multiple copies of LightBurn).

My computer is conneced via usb.

I will try reconnecting via the Devices button, but I didn’t have this problem before. It started with the last update or the one before that.

I reposition the laser with the arrows on the machine. As I said I do not use the reset button on the machine. I don’t have any problems when pausing the cut, but I don’t pause it often. I do not leave the machine paused for more than a minute or two.

Martin Gaut

The actual error is “There was a problem sending data to the laser. The machiine may busy or paused.” Lightburn displays Disconnected right below the header bar that says Laser. It shows my controller under the devices tab is still connected. I hit the stop button in Lightburn to stop the laser. I have also used the esc button on the laser to clear the controller. Still I have to reboot the laser for it to work again.

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