Discourse Theming

In my humble opinion, the default discourse theme is a bit bland and hard to look at. I think this site could do with some improved aesthetics. There’s a great looking material design theme in the Discourse admin theme guide that looks nice.

Oz and I are both pretty new to this, I’ve just deployed a Discourse forum for each of us (LB and C3D) in the last 24 hours. Please expand on your humble opinion with what exactly you would like to see happen.

If I understand correctly, installing this would just require logging on to the server running discourse and pulling the theme into it?

I believe so. I just did a cursory search last night on it. Apparently it’s as easy as importing the zip files or whatever.

It just customizes the html/css of the discourse components, so functionality doesn’t change.

Congrats on getting yours up to. I’m a fan of material design in general, but it’s your community so you could theme it however you want, or not at all. It was just a suggestion to improve the looks of the forum as standard discourse is fairly bland.

What’s the URL for the cohesion community? I’m planning on finishing up a laserboard install in the RCL K40 and could post the results and the printed laserboard velcro mount I made.

The cohesion discourse forum is still in the works as far as categories and what not are concerned but currently at Cohesion3D Forum

Yeah I have to do a little more setup on mine.
Here’s how last night went:
Me: Hey Oz, I just deployed my discourse and got my email issues sorted, I can do yours now.

2 hours of deployment later, Ok Oz you’re all set.

Moments later: Oh sh*t Oz went live with his.


I like to pull off band-aids quickly too. :slight_smile: