Display and bed coordinates

My machine is a ten high 50 w. (bed size 500x 400y) I’m running windows 10 pro, lightburn v9.02, cohesion laserboard. My origin is set to the bottom left corner. When I jog head to the top left corner and click position in the move console I get x-120 y 400, if I jog to the top right corner and check position, I get x 0, y 400. I have changed alpha and beta max and min in board cofig file match my lightburn settings.I will also add that the display cordinates and bed never match, it was the same in ver8.7

Have you configured the step sizes in the controller config? If your X axis is reporting a range of -120 to 0 it sounds like it may be homing to the rear-right corner, and possibly the step rate for X is wrong. Which corner does the machine home to when you start it up?

it used to home to the top left corner, now it goes to around the centre of the top of the board. I haven’t touched the step sizes in the board config.

Feel free to contact back to Cohesion3D to figure this out.

I’ve just posted this on the cohesion board as well.Just an update I found that a wire was off of my x stop, I replaced it and all seems fine .