Display and laser calibration

I’m hoping this is a common problem and there is an easy fix. I have a fairly large platform on my laser 500mm x 300mm. The problem I’m having is for example if I place a project at x200 y200 the coordinates don’t match my laser platform lightburn may put it at x400 y 100, these numbers are just an example. I’d like to find a way for my display and platform to match.

What is this platform you speak of? What version of LightBurn? What OS, controller/firmware. You have not nearly provided enough information. This makes it hard for anyone to be helpful. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I’m using lightburn version 9.02, but had the same problem in 8.07. I’m using windows 10 , and the latest release of firmware( cohesion 3d controller) from cohesion. platform = laser deck.

Check to see you have the correct bed size defined in LightBurn ‘Device Settings’ and your firmware. They need to match.