Display object diameter in "Laser" window

When changing between different sizes of objects while rotary engraving, one of my common mistakes is failure to remember to change the diameter of the object in the rotary setup. If the current object diameter was displayed in the “Laser” window next to the “Enable Rotary” switch I would be less likely to forget to change that parameter in the rotary setup dialog. Changing it from there would be nice too, but just displaying the current value would be a great help.

Is this doable Oz?

It is, maybe - I get push back already from people with small displays, so I can’t add too much more to the main panel, but I can check to see if it fits in the existing space. The value would only be set at the moment you connect to the laser for the first time (similar to the switch itself), and it would only matter if you have a chuck rotary.

Just to the right and the same size font as the switch itself. But if it would not update when the diameter is changed in the rotary setup dialog, i.e. showing the current value, then it would not be of much value.

I could make it work, but there are still ways it would fail - the value is stored in your controller, not LightBurn. If you ran a 2nd copy of LightBurn (or RDWorks) and changed the value there, I’d have no way to know it was altered.

I understand the problem there. So every time the rotary setup is run, the values are read and then written back to the controller when exited. In the case of multiple copies running the last one wins!

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