Dissapearing files

Please help, driving me made. I went web site Lahobbyguy & downloaded lots of free art. it says make a separate file called lightburn & within this make 3 more files called Art, Materials & templates I did all this then downloaded all the free art. I open the lightburn, then art and all files have downloaded ok. However though, when I start lightburn & click on load & go to the art files to pick an art. I see all the files have dissapeared. not showing. I come out of lightburn & open the desktop lightburn folder & click on art. they are showing and all there? I’m puzzled

Are these all on one computer and not networked?

all on computer

Are they saved under a .lbart file extension?

You didn’t follow the instructions. The art files have to be loaded into the art library.

Click on the art library tab and on the bottom there is a load button. Click it, navigate to where the files are, select the libraries you want to load and click ok. Be sure to click save in the art library otherwise you will need to repeat the process next time you open lightburn.

will give a go

done this, but after navigating to where to the art files are & select the libraries I want to load, there is nothing for me to load as page is blank. but when I look into the created lightburn folder followed by the art folder. everything is there, but not when I want to go to load it. very odd

What file extension are they saved under?

It would help us greatly if you could attach a couple of screenshots, one showing the files in the folder and another showing the screen when attempting to load a library file.

No Need. I finely cracked it & I’m chuffed that I did it . My Pc was did something with the files formats or whatever. I’m not tech savvy but I’m sure I did everything right, but in the end I’ve managed to load files successfully. Thank you for your help regardless. well appreciated. I’m disabled, only one not so good arm so like to make things. The laser has been a godsend.

Ok, great to hear you’ve sussed it out. Have fun with your laser and Lightburn!

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I really appreciate you marking my last post as the solution but I’m not sure I really deserve it!