Distance from Laser to subject material

I am NEW!! Before I do something stupid, please allow me to ask a stupid question. I really want to engrave a logo on the inside bottom of a small wooden vessel. Will the laser engrave properly if there is a 1 inch space between the focusing arm and the subject material?

I do not know what you mean here… the laser must be focused… if you can focus at this position then it will work…

If you are doing this inside something, like a bowl the head/gantry much clear the object and you must have enough space on each side of the image inside for overscan, if applicable.

If the focus is 1" off, figure out something else… probably wont’ work…


An inch is a lot, but if it’s not fine writing or other filigree ornament, I’ll give it a try. You can simulate a defocus with the desired value, on a scrap piece of wood or whatever you want to engrave.

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