Distorted Image At Beginning On Rotary Attachment

Hey all… first time poster here, but have been reading on the forum for quite a while.

60w 20x28 Chinese Laser - Ruida Controller - LightBurn

I just got a roller type rotary (disk wheels, not hotdog roller type… from Jason @ Mansfield Customs. Super nice guy and has been awesome to work with) for Christmas. Works like a champ. Got all the settings dialed in that were provided from the seller to engrave tumblers. One issue… the beginning of the engraving process is a little distorted. As you can see in the pic, the W in Wrights in skinny on the left side. It’s not the SVG file I used, because it is the same if I use the text creator in LB. Same issue. Also, doesn’t matter where I start the laser from using the current position…top middle bottom. Same thing happens.

I have tried changing the max speed of the Y axis from 300mm to 25mm in the machine setting through LB that writes to the controller. Still same issue.

What could it be? Idle Speed, Idle Acceleration?

The rest of the image comes out perfect. Any pointers would be awesome. Thank you!

Also… second question. Can a macro be programmed to the macro buttons to change the idle speed when using the rotary being used, opposed to regular engraving on a flat surface. I guess this only applies if that is the issue of the problem above. Thank you in advance for any pointers.

That looks like slack in the mechanical parts being taken up at the beginning of the run when it changes direction. Look for loose belts, pulleys, set screws on pulleys, and that kind of thing.

Thank you Oz.

That was my second thought. I thought the belt looked a little loose. And noticed it skipped the belt last night when jogging the machine with the arrows on the Ruida controller.

So, the idle speed or acceleration wouldn’t help this? I mentioned this to the seller last night about the possible loose belt. There are no eccentric nuts to tighten the belt, but he did say there was some extra room in the motor mounts to take up some slack if needed. I will have to try this when I get home tonight. He has been super helpful. Can’t complain.

If it’s loose and has slack, going slower won’t help. You might want to lower the top speed anyway, just to prevent items from being kicked off of it when starting. It’s simplest just to change the Y max motor speed in the vendor settings, because it’s just a single thing to change and change back.

That’s in the machine setting right? n I changed that this morn from 300 to 25 just to test. Same issue. Must be slack in the belt.

I dealt with and found my cure for this several years ago and posted on RDW forum. I don’t know how to take a screen shot of my laptop but the solution I use is to install a line just a little in front and behind the image. Set the line to its own layer at 5% power. When you engrave the program it will start with the line but not engrave due to the low power and your image will engrave fully.

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