Distorted Letter by Fill

Hi Why this, cut is perfect but letters.image
Any help?

Read here: https://github.com/LightBurnSoftware/Documentation/blob/master/ScanningOffsetAdjustment.md#scanning-offset-adjustment

In RD it is made perfect. Why not in LB?
Is there anywhere a calibration file or some explanation?

The setting and explanation is in the link I sent. It’s a software setting that you have probably made in RDWorks but not in LightBurn. In RDWorks they call it ‘reverse interval’, but the procedure is the same for correcting it - you run a couple simple tests, measure the offsets, and enter half the amount of the offset into a table for the measurements from different speeds. Read through the link I sent above - that’s the answer.

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Hi i did‘nt set anything in RD, but i will do as you told.
Hope it will work.

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