Distorted Letters after welding or outlining font

When I weld script fonts or outline them, the edges are no longer smooth but become distorted and jagged. To remediate, I’ve been designing in illustrator and importing to Lightburn. I’d like to eliminate the illustrator step. How can I resolve this in Lightburn?


Which version of LightBurn are you running, and what size are these letters?

Letters are 0.5 in height

With the letters only 1/2" high, is this actually visible when you run it on the laser? (Make one in Illustrator, and one in LightBurn, run both of them, jumble them up - can you tell them apart?)

I am pleased to report that once engraved with the laser, the distortion is not visible on the product.

Thank you for your assistance!

LightBurn does a lot of things based on specific error tolerances - IE, “will the end user ever see this?”

With welding, there is a shape optimization step that happens after it that takes it back from being lots of points to being made of lines and arcs, and it won’t let anything be off by more than 1/50th of a mm.
If you’re zoomed in on small shapes you might see it, but when you actually run the job you shouldn’t be able to tell, which is why I asked. :slight_smile: