Distorted shapes

Hi Guys, I’m new in laser engraving and I have problem. When I draw a square in Lightburn, it burns almost completely, but at the last side, 15% is missing, and on the next pass, only half a rectangle is burned. When I draw a circle in Lightburn, it burns deformed as in the picture. Always repeat the same trajectory. Does anyone have an idea what this could be?

An attempt to laserGRBL caused the image to scatter, but only in the middle, the edges are quite fine.

Many thanks

Tighten your belts, screws, lead screws, ball screws, linear rails and nuts (what you have)


I’ve already checked that :frowning:

Are the steppers ok? Not losing steps?

no, if I repeat the burning, the beam still travels the same path and returns exactly where it started.

if it lost steps, the resulting image would gradually shift.

Yes, it was a bad idea from me. But I think that this is a mechanical problem, and not small. What happens if you draw a vertical and a horizontal line (a big plus sign)?

I’m going to try it

I’m sorry, this is working with Lightburn super. So I don’t know, I’ll keep testing. Thank you for the advice.

So, loose pulley on the engine.

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