DIY rotary plans?

Has anyone made a DIY rotary yet? I have the “hot dog” style, but am unable to do anything with a handle. I have yet to figure out why these things are crazy expensive. I have looked around and downloaded a few but I have no clue where to order the belts etc… for them. I figure I can use the stepper motor from my old rotary.

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Ebay and amazon are a good place to order belts and pulleys, rods, etc. has some plans for a DIY rotary attachment.

For a manual one check this out.
Files are available


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Not sure of the size of your laser but I purchased one of these and you cannot go wrong for the price. It is made out of solid steel and you could not build it for the price. Average about $100.00 usd.

I have one of those…can’t do mugs that have handles on it.

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This is not an endorsement in any way for this “product,” as Kickstarter is not a store and not a certain purchase by any means. This campaign does look quite good, as one can pledge US$30 for a BOM and set of plans for what appears to be a flexible rotary attachment for our laser world.

The current pledge level would make it appear that this campaign will not succeed, however.

That is a nice looking device…I agree with you it doesn’t look like it is going to make it though. Had it I would have been happy to pledge $30 for the plans.

That design does look very good.

Because this particular campaign is an all or nothing type, if one pledges and the goal is not reached, no money is lost. That’s safer than the “take the money and run” types!

I’m going to pledge $30.00, I wish they would just sell the plans to me for $30.00 either way, but I know that will not happen.

This looks like Pedros build on the web site. Go there to see a free version of this.

I have made foam rings that go on the end of mugs to clear the handles.


I would like to see this setup.