Do I have to Update when upgrading from XTool D1 10w to 20w?

After installing the extension kit, I luckily stumbled upon a post that I had to update my laser. I now just have installed the 20w upgrade and have been running samples. Do I need to make any changes in Lightburn to reflect this upgrade? Download or settings? I can hang, but I’m not a wiz when it comes to computer programs.

Thank you!

You don’t need to update anything in LightBurn other than potentially your cut settings at least from the ability to use the new laser module perspective.

Some considerations:

  1. For crosshairs, do you use them? Do you use them and does the 20W module require the same pointer offset? If not you’ll have to adjust for this
  2. Addressable machine size. If the laser module dimensions are different and impede full motion you may need to restrict the working area of your laser in Edit->Device Settings.
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Yes! I’ll adjust for new workspace. All tests have gone great. Thank you for answering my question!

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