Do I need internet

Hey, we have no power… if I hook generator up to laser, can I run lightburn without internet? Sorry if asked… I have limited time for internet usage at the moment.

Yes, we do offer a way to use LightBurn without regular internet access. I provide the process below.

Great, but if I have to download, and take to a machine with network connection… then it really doesn’t work when I have no power/wifi etc

You will need some way to obtain LightBurn and send the Offline Activation, at some point, yes. But once done, no further network connection is required, until you choose to update LightBurn.

If LightBurn is already activated / licensed on your computer, it will just work. It doesn’t need internet to run it, just to activate it.

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thanks, day 4 no power- going stir crazy not burning things!!! just made my day!

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