Do I need to realign my camera?

Using my camera I aligned the monogram on a tile in the first picture.
The second picture shows where the laser put it on the tile.
Any suggestions?

It seems you’re asking the question because you suspect the answer.

But yes, you likely need to align the camera. Any reason you’re hesitating to do this?

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I had everything set a few months ago. Then LB lost everything and I had to DL it again.
I calibrated and did alignment but got that off set image on the tile. I have a 5mp-90 camera mounted 23 inches above the bed when the lid is open. The one thing I wasn’t sure about was I didn’t choose
“Fisheye” during selection.

What was lost and what did you download?

Unless your camera is distortionless you pretty much need fisheye. Your overlay looks reasonably distortion corrected but worth going through lens calibration again.

Alignment to material is mostly going to be about camera alignment.

In either case, suggest you go through lens calibration and camera alignment again.

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