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Docking issue.lbrn2 (54.4 KB)

Trying to dock the object circled to the inside of the line highighted line next to it. My hopes is to then use boolean weld to make a finger joint for this box side.
My understanding of how to dock is limited so I’ve searched the forum but didn’t find a good understanding of this question. I’ve uploaded the file and attached screen shots below. Thanks for any assistance in advance.


I think this thread answers your question…

You only need the part where she attaches the tab in the video.

Read the rest of the thread also…

If it doesn’t address your issue, sing out…

If possible, use the boolean options, instead of things like weld…

Check out this thread… under the post, is a list of links that may help you understand the boolean operations… they are invaluable… boolean operations, at least.


Very helpful in my questions from yesterday on boolean tools. I’m certainly going to keep this for future reference. However, it doesn’t help my issue with docking the tab to the inside of the box. When I use the docking tools, it will dock the smaller box to the outside of the line, but not the inside of the line. I’ve selected the object (smaller box) and cursored it over off previous doc position to “undock” it from that lockaton, used the dock tools to move right or left and it moves it to the next object right or left - but not to the location I’m hoping for.
Perhaps it’s working as it should and I’m expecting something not possible. I’ve zoomed in and can aling the small box with the inside of the larger box-side as I have in the past I was just hoping there was a simpler way.

I believe you may need an external structure to dock against. Try creating a temporary shape at the edge of the shape to dock against.


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That worked! Thank you!.


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