Docking two squares

I have a question, If you have two squares in the work area one smaller which is to the side of the larger square ( but not touching ) and you use the docking tool you can dock it against the side of the larger square, but if you put the smaller square inside the larger square and use the docking tool the smaller one does not dock to the inside but instead goes to the side of the work area,? can anyone explain this? I do have a work around which is select the inside square, control select the outside square then go to align selected objects select which direction you want and it moves and stays inside the box, I’m still learning to use lightburn and have now found that after increasing the snapping distance which was set too low i can now just snap the smaller square to wherever i want, which is easy, but would like to know why the docking method does not work. thanks in advance

Here are the docs for ‘Docking’ …

A square withing a square will go to the edge of the work area, not the inside of the square… The ‘dock’ is for compacting parts in the available real estate.

I think the alignment tool handles this application, which is what I would have used…

From the little bit I’ve used it, it seems to work as described…

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Thanks for the reply Jack, I did read the documentation but still did not figure it out , you have helped to clear it up some,

I just think you’re using the ‘wrong’ tool for the results you are after…

It is a bit confusing, but working with it a bit, seems to indicate it’s working properly…


Yea true , the more i use it the more i learn. :desktop_computer:

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Docking is intended to save material so there’s a feature built in to maintain the concentricity of inside shapes.

If we’re making a sign and we are attempting to save precious material we would want to keep the inside shapes located at the same places in their outside shapes especially with Letters.

If there’s a novel workflow for docking the inside shape I’d love to know what you’re working on.

Hey John thanks for the reply, i’m not working on anything , i’ve just been getting to know lightburn , i’m still basically new to it and trying to learn all the tools as i go. :grinning:

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