Document mirrors, when i switch to fiber laser

Every time I open a created document, it opens fine for CO2 laser, but when I hit the fiber laser it rotates the texts and images, it seems to make mirror-like turns and invert images independently, not in general, what would it be? Easy to correct, it does it individually, so I have to re-edit the graph and despite its fix, when I open it again, it gets misplaced again.

It seems that the same thing happens to another user, his title is “From the inside out and vice versa, I don’t know how to put both questions together”

At this point and time, it’s working as designed. LightBurn references the “Origin” to place the items in the project file, and when you open on a machine with a different Origin, it flips the design around in relation to that different origin. There may be things in the works to alleviate this situation though.

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Although I understand that, but the original design was for a CO2 machine, and it is used in a fiber laser, the orientation should be the same, I understand since at no time is a mirror being made, it is simply to place that design in different machines but in the same position, the arrangement is again double since it inverts text and position sometimes and leaves the rest the same, the only solution I found so far is to save it in the library and drag once the fiber starts, and in times when moving it is inverted in the same way.

Excuse my English please.

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