Does .9.02 have accurate Time Estimate function, or is that yet to come?

I’m running .9.02 on my Redsail M900 (Ruida RDC6442S-B(EC) ) controller. I’m noticing a huge disparity between the estimated time in LB, and the actual cut time. On the most recent job, estimated time in LB was 26 minutes, actual cut time was 40. Like many, I charge for the actual cut time, so this disparity makes it harder to quote/charge.

I did a search on this, and see that the issue has been discussed in the past, and I see it’s a “known issue”. I also see that it’s supposed to be “fixed in a future release”. That being said…is the feature accurate in .9.02? or is the “future release” yet to come?

LightBurn supports a large variety of laser systems all with different capabilities and settings. Starting with the release of version 9.00, LightBurn now includes a complete motion simulator that includes acceleration and cornering speeds, a cross-hair to show the laser position, real-time playback, and playback speed control. The simulator ships with some default values that require tuning to your system.


The ‘Device Settings’ window has a new tab to let you tune the parameters to match your setup. In an upcoming release, we want to pull the settings directly from your machine to help in dialing in the simulator to best match your system settings. For now, you need to tune these settings manually to match your system. Once done, the estimated time will be significantly closer to your real-time experiences.

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Thank you for this info. For now, I’ll populate with my machine settings, from the “Machine Settings” tab. It will be great when LB pulls that data directly from the controller itself. I continue to be pleased with the influx of new features.


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I recently discovered that the settings were not being read at the correct time to affect the simulation results. This has been fixed, and will be in the next release, but until then the changes you make to the settings on the Simulation Settings panel will not affect the computed time.

If I understand you correctly, the simulation time estimate will not work right now, regardless of the information entered in the “Additional Settings” tab. Is this correct? If so, I won’t mess with it. Thanks!

Correct - the settings don’t have an effect on the estimated time, but it’s been corrected for the next release.

Hi all,

I’ve noticed this as well. I have a Chinese CO2 blue & white with Ruida controller.

Before the 9.02 update I also had a disparity between estimated time and the actual time of a job. The update then came along and I ended up with only about 15 seconds difference.

However, I did a job yesterday and there was about a 2 minutes difference (impacts my pricing as I use machine time.)

Looking forward to the fix for this, still the best software around!


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