Does camera calibration always require a new burn?

I don’t use my camera very much; I mostly make tumblers. I have a Lightburn camera, if that matters.

I’ve altered my workspace several times as I’ve fine-tuned my workflow, and each time I have to recalibrate my camera.

As I was doing that this morning I started wondering if burning a new calibration target/image is necessary each time.

Any ideas?

In short, yes. If you had a way of relocating the previously burned targets exactly to where they were previously positioned and kept the exact same settings during camera alignment then you could potentially attempt to reuse the targets. However, if anything changes in the geometry of your laser, or anything that would change the relative location of the burn to your frame would invalidate this.

OK, thanks. I’ve always had a hard time getting the camera accurate, even following the instructions, so fingers crossed this time. I might have some more questions in a few minutes.

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