Does Camera work on Windows 7

Thanks for that update.

Hello barrie and Rick … thank you for your replies and the solution … now I just have to check to make sure I’m ordering the right Camera ! :slight_smile:

I also intend to test the LB camera on Win 7, and have set a reminder for this in several days.

Do you remember what exactly this driver is called. Navigating the windows driver page was a no go for me.

hi timothy

I am NOT SURE, but i think it was…

please create a system restore point before doing it . I don’t want to be responsible for ruining your install


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Hi Barrie, downloaded the file, but with the exe file didn’t recognize the cam. So i went to the folder /data/innos and executed the two exe files. After that i get it working. Thank You so much


Thank you so much for sharing that info. I am sure it will help many others in the future.


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uvc_pages.exe gets flagged by Symantec btw.

I’m disappointed with the camera.

I finally got it running on windows 7 but it just keep crashing and dissapearing. I restarted the computer and that helped a few times but now it’s completetly gone and looks like it took my webcam that’s at the top of the screen as well.

Sounds to me like you ought to be disappointed with your operating system and drivers, not the camera.

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Which camera are you using, and with which version of LightBurn?

I’m using the lightburn 140 degree camera with the latest version of lightburn.

While I agree that my machine and os are not new, Lightburn works very smoothly on it. I was not expecting the camera to give me trouble.

Double check the driver installation. I only tested the camera as far back as Windows 8, but I know they are supported on 7 as well. If you haven’t run Windows Update in a while sometimes that helps as well - that’s actually a common issue, as newer devices aren’t always compatible with the older OS unless you update semi-regularly.

I installed the drivers several times but I will try to update the system and do it again.

For reference, the win7 laptop that I’m using successfully is always up to date on Windows updates.

Can anyone please confirm the program name and source for the driver that is needed to get the LB camera working in Windows 7?

Scroll up. There’s a link.

@Blake - in that post barrie says “I am NOT SURE, but i think it was…” so I’m asking if anyone has confirmed the link leads to the correct driver.